In addition to the property management the KMG Investments, Inc. specializes in advising clients on the acquisition and sale of residential and 'mixed use' properties throughout Florida Gulf Beaches of Tampa Bay area. These properties may be single units or commercial investments. Specific advice is given on development site assembly and feasibility analysis for property developers. We provide the highest quality residential or commercial properties at affordable price.

We strive to create customer satisfaction, long lasting value for our clients and increase returns for our investors. A clear focus on our mission has made it possible for us to learned how to turn challenges into opportunities. Residential and commercial property investment is now considered to be an established asset class for individuals, companies and institutions. The combination of capital growth and rental income is appropriate for endorsing private pension plans over the medium to long term, or else giving the potential for building up capital by trading properties acquired over the shorter term.

At KMG Investments, Inc., we believe property ownership is still at the very heart of the American Dream where hard work shapes itself into a comfortable place for family, friends to gather, children to grow, and where memories are cherished for a lifetime. Our core philosophy remains the same one property, one investor, one dream at a time.

Property Developments